Develop for Standards

Traditional game development has hit a serious road block in recent years. Platform diversity. In the past we could target one or two platforms and reach an acceptably large audience. Today we want to be able to target an ever-increasing range of targets but are slowed down with all the labour involved in adopting each new platform. Third party cross compilation 'solutions' cannot keep up. What we need is a different way of thinking.

Every single device out there has one thing in common. An HTML5-compliant browser. So why continue to innovate under the rules set by proprietary app stores? What if we develop for standards, not platforms? It is time to change the game.

Introducing the SandBoxd Approach

Sandboxd is a community driven play space for your HTML5 game audience that crosses all major platforms. It is built for developers to experiment and innovate - alone and together. Web-wide distribution is our business so that you can focus on your next big title. We are developers ourselves and we understand what it takes to get a game to market.

SandBoxd is not just another deploy-to-native wrapper service. What we provide is a web app to host your HTML5 games - no strings attached. Just upload your game and we will do the rest.

By using our service you will gain access to large growing community of passionate gamers as well as a visionary team devoted to bringing SandBoxd to every device with a browser. We also support an optional API for use with more ambitious projects.

The SandBoxd Vision

We believe that gaming should be open and equally accessible to everyone. Designing games for the browser is the best way to do this.

Sandboxd is the next evolution of web gaming. We built SandBoxd as a modern platform for both gamers and game developers to prove it. Now we are looking for talented developers – like you! - to join us in creating the best gaming site ever.

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