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Available Features

User Details

All the relevant user details (Name, Avatar, Language, Session Id, etc.) are easily accessible via the URL for use within your game.

Cloud Storage (1.2+)

Save your user's progress into cloud storage so they can resume play on any device.


Microtransactions (AKA In-App Purchases) are purchases of virtual goods within your game. We provide a full-featured API for simplifying this process.


SandBoxd supports custom social groups for networking with other user's with similar interests. These groups can also be linked with your game to form in-game clans.


Using our API you can create achievements for gamers to complete. Progress and completion of these achievements will be viewable on the user's profile page.


Statistics are similar to achievements. The difference is that statistics are more generalized. For example, you can use statistics to display the score and title of a player.

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